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Trump dramatically changed rhetoric in Syria

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Donald Trump again began his morning with statements on Syria. In the usual manner in his Twitter, the US president once again disconcerted the whole world community.

He stated that he had never promised any strikes on this country. But in fact, the United States and its allies are not stopping to pull forces to its shores for a minute. In this case, there is no unity in these series.

“I never said when the attack on Syria will happen, it may be very soon, or maybe not so soon.” In any case, the US under my administration did an excellent job of liberating the region from IS. Where is our (deserved) thank you, America? ” – Trump wrote.

So, after a direct threat – “get ready, Russia, our missiles are already on the road,” Trump seems to be ready to change rhetoric. But it seems so only at first glance.

The United States is still pulling to the Syrian coast forces. Already deployed grouping will soon be replenished by another shock group of the US Navy, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Harry Truman.

The US military aircraft carried out three reconnaissance operations this night in the Syrian sky. That is, preparations for strikes are ongoing. The only question is whose hands they will inflict. It will be the States, or one of their allies.

Germany directly refused to participate in this adventure.

“Germany will not take part in any military operations in Syria,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Similarly, Emmanuel Macron, he fully agrees with Trump to accuse the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons and even assure that France has evidence of such a crime. But as soon as he is asked – so will the Fifth Republic invade Syria, as Makron reduces the tone. He says: let’s take a good look at everything first.

And only the United Kingdom exemplarily moves its fleet closer to Syria, to the distance of launching the missile. That is, the escalation is still possible, but it seems that instead of the Americans, the subjects of Her Majesty Elizabeth II will be at war.

Judging by the speed with which preparations are made for the attack, the real goal of its customers is to frustrate the investigation of the OPCW inspectors’ commission.

Those only gather in the Syrian Duma. But everything goes to the fact that this city is simply compared to the ground, depriving the official Damascus of the opportunity to clear its reputation from accusations.