Trump headquarters sues CNN for publishing “Russian case”

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — US President Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters has sued CNN for publishing on the “Russian case,” Fox News reported on a lawsuit.

According to the channel, the statement by CNN is accused of slanderous allegations that Trump sought Russia’s help in the 2020 elections. CNN claimed Trump’s headquarters “assesses the potential risks and benefits of seeking Russian help again in 2020, and decided to continue to consider this opportunity.”

Trump headquarters demanded to refute these publications, but CNN refused.

In the United States, in media libel cases, the plaintiff must not only prove the falsity of the publication, but also that the publication was lying deliberately and with the aim of causing damage. Therefore, such claims are rarely won in court. Trump has repeatedly said that he is dissatisfied with existing libel laws and would like to tighten them.

Prior to CNN, Trump’s headquarters sued the Washington Post and New York Times.

Trump is hostile to these media outlets, which primarily support his political opponents.

“Russian case” was investigated by special prosecutor Robert Muller. After a two-year investigation, Muller in 2019 accused Russia of interfering in the US elections in 2016 (Moscow denies this), but did not find evidence of Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, the presence of which was denied not only in the Kremlin, but also in the White House.


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