Trump unleashes his attacks on “bad” Democrats the day after his acquittal

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The day after he was cleared in the Senate in a trial designed to isolate him, Donald Trump on Thursday unleashed his attacks on his political opponents, accusing them of being “impure” and “corrupt”.

In a speech at the White House, the US president considered what happened “shame”, “disaster” and “nonsense” and described his opponents as “liars” and “bad people”.

Trump then thanked his family, especially his daughter Ivanka and his wife, Melania, for their support.

US President Donald Trump
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The forty-fifth president’s speech in the country’s history was deeply awaited after the historic isolation trial, which highlighted the existence of deep divisions in America with the approaching presidential elections scheduled for November.

Speaking from the White House, the Republican billionaire adopted a tone similar to that used in election festivals.

“This is not a press conference, this is not a speech,” Trump said, and remedy, “This is a celebration.”

Trump extended personal thanks to the Republican lawmakers in Congress who attended the speech, describing them as “combatants.”

“I made mistakes in my life, I admit it (…) but the end result appears here!” Waving a number of the “Washington Post” newspaper, he summarized what happened in the title of two words “Trump Trumped.”

“I got a lot of great headlines,” he added.

The American President did not wait for an afternoon speech to express his positions, as he began talking about his acquittal since morning.

Trump used an annual traditional breakfast attended by Republican and Democratic lawmakers to start his attacks.

Waving a copy of the USA Today newspaper, titled “Innocence” on its front page, he strongly attacked the Democratic representatives, saying, “They have done the impossible to destroy us, and thus, to attack our country.”

He added that the Democrats “know that what they do is bad, but they put their interests before the interests of our great country”, before praising the “wisdom, moral rigor and strength” that Republican Senators displayed.

During Wednesday’s televised vote of tens of millions of Americans, the Senate decided with 52 votes (one hundred) that Trump is not guilty of abusing power nor obstructing the proper functioning of the Congress (53 of 100).

The conviction did not win two-thirds of the required votes, and US Supreme Court President John Roberts declared, “Donald Trump is thus innocent”, before announcing the end of this exceptional trial.

Democrats are taking the Republican president to use state means, especially military aid approved by Congress, in an effort to force Ukraine to “tarnish” the reputation of his potential rival in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden.

– Romney and Pelosi –

On Wednesday morning, Trump attacked Republican Senator Mitt Romney, the only Republican to vote for his removal.

“I do not like those who use their beliefs to justify their bad deeds,” he said, in an apparent reference to Romney’s speech, who explained his position by saying that he acted with the dictates of his “conscience” and the Mormon “doctrine” that obliged him to respect the neutrality department.

Having considered Trump guilty of “a terrible transgression of confidence”, Romney anticipated the attacks of the president and his associates and said he was ready to confront them.

“I also don’t like those who say ‘I pray for you’ when you know that this is not true,” Trump added in an attack on Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who used the phrase a few weeks ago.

And the contest is starker between Trump and Pelosi.

Before starting his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening in front of Congress, Trump avoided Pelosi’s handshake.

With Trump having finished delivering his speech, it was only to show off a copy of the speech in the presence of Trump.

The Americans were divided over Trump’s removal. Eighty-five percent of Democratic voters expressed their support for dismissal in recent days, compared to less than 10 percent of Republican voters.

Support for Trump’s isolation remained at a level slightly above 50 percent.

This means it is difficult to know the impact of the matter on the elections, but Trump says he is confident that voters will punish “democrats who do nothing.”

For his part, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, one of Trump’s most prominent supporters, considered that Democrats had made a “huge political mistake” by trying to dismiss the president.

But Pete Bottigues, a frontrunner in the Democratic primary in Iowa, does not share his opinion. “The American people will have the final say on Donald Trump and Trump,” he wrote in a tweet.


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