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Trump urges Israel to confront Iran

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – While the Tel-Aviv regime is increasingly concerned about the idea of ​​a total war against the Resistance, Israeli sources report the development of a plan in the United States to strengthen the military Israeli.

The DEBKAfile analysis site, close to Israeli military intelligence, reports that US President Donald Trump has drawn up a detailed plan to reinforce the Israeli armed forces in case of a “possible confrontation” with the Islamic Republic of Iran. ‘Iran.

Citing his sources in Washington, DEBKAfile emphasizes that this plan focuses on the development of US military units stationed in occupied Palestine, and the strengthening of the Israeli army to allow it to suffer any possible Iranian ballistic strikes.

In this context, the United States will deliver to the Israeli air force several Boeing KC-46 tankers in flight to increase the range of Israeli fighter jets.

DEBKAfile claims that former US President Barack Obama postponed delivery of these tankers to the Tel Aviv regime to limit the Israeli Air Force’s ability to conduct air strikes against the civilian nuclear installations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Earlier, the DEBKAfile site also reported the deployment of several Israeli army infantry battalions and armored vehicles along the borders of occupied Palestine with Syria and Lebanon, while Israeli reconnaissance aircraft were multiplying their numbers. patrols in the border areas.

Similarly, Syrian sources have quoted eyewitnesses in Quneitra that many Israeli tanks have been deployed in the occupied Golan, while tension has mounted a notch for several weeks between the Israeli regime and the groups. resistance in Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

In this context, the thousands of rockets and missiles available to the Resistance are a source of concern for the Israelis. Recently an Israeli insurance company offers its customers an insurance policy against ballistic strikes.