Trump’s 5 most scandalous statements about Middle East

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Words matter. Past US presidents, as a rule, weighed every word and had a large group of speechwriters on staff to convey every thought as accurately as possible. They well knew that allies and enemies would carefully analyze their every speech or even remark in order to understand American politics and their future steps, writes The National Interest.

President Donald Trump is a municipally different head of the White House. He does not believe in diplomatic verbal twists and does not want to have a bunch of assistants

between him and his supporters. American Enterprise Institute (AEI) analyst Michael Rubin has compiled a list of Trump’s most controversial statements about the Middle East.

Obama is the founder of ISIS

Speaking at a rally in Florida in the midst of his election campaign in August 2016, Trump said President Barack Obama founded the Islamic State (banned in Russia). “ISIS (banned in Russia) honors President Obama,” Trump announced. – He is the founder of ISIS. He is the founder of ISIS, okay? And I would say that the co-founder of this organization was also dishonest Hillary Clinton.”

Most Americans did not take Trump literally. The future president defamed, without trying to clarify that ISIS arose only during the reign of Obama and Clinton. Of course, some experts might point out that Obama’s decision to withdraw US troops from Iraq created the ground for ISIS.

However, an erroneous political step differs from active participation in the creation of a terrorist organization.

The fact is that no one outside of America delves into the intricacies of the election campaign and election strategy. Foreigners hear that Trump has acknowledged what Iran and other US enemies constantly say: America deliberately sows terrorism to kill Muslims and engage in hostilities in the Middle East.

Endless and ridiculous wars end!

The Pentagon, US forces in Syria and Washington’s allies, the Syrian Kurds were taken aback when the White House announced the end of all US military operations in Syria last fall. That is, Washington left the Syrian Kurds helping the American military at the full disposal of their sworn enemy – Turkey. This is not only bad from a moral point of view, but also wrong from a strategic point of view, given Turkey’s guilt in strengthening ISIS.

Some experts may, of course, indicate the absence of formal contractual relations with the Syrian Kurds, there was only a temporary partnership. It’s true, but how the partnership ends is important. Throwing the Kurds to their own devices, Trump made it clear to all future potential partners that working together and helping the United States was a risky business.

Iran can do whatever it wants to be honest

When Trump first began promoting the idea of ​​withdrawing troops from Syria, journalists asked him what this step could lead to, given Iranian ambitions in the region. “They can do whatever they want there, to be honest,” he said, in fact, allowing Iran to expand its sphere of influence to the Eastern Mediterranean and the borders of Israel. Such statements, of course, pose a threat to US strategic allies, as they give Iran carte blanche for any provocation.

I would take oil for our country

During the campaign, Trump first stated that the main element in his fight against ISIS and other illegal military forces in the Middle East would be the seizure of their oil. “I would destroy the source of their wealth, and the primary source of their wealth is oil. And in order to do this, it is necessary to send troops there. I would knock all the crap out of them, I would encircle them in a tight ring, I would take all their oil for our country,” he told MSNBC.

The seizure of oil would undermine America’s ability to form an anti-terrorism and other security partnership, and such a statement provides an argument for opponents of any agreement that would bring US forces to the Middle East. The opinion that America seeks there solely for the sake of oil and Trump’s statement confirms this version is very popular in the region.

If Iran strikes the Americans … Iran itself will be destroyed very quickly

After the assassination organized by the US military, General Soleimani Trump wrote on Twitter: “let this be a warning that if Iran strikes any American or American object, we have 52 Iranian targets on target, some of which are very important for Iran and Iranian culture “these goals and Iran itself will be dealt instant and very powerful blows.”

Meanwhile, Trump may have forgotten that the Iranian military and its puppet forces in the recent past have repeatedly attacked Saudi civilian airports and economic infrastructure, and also mined international ships in the UAE. In September 2019, Iran attacked Saudi Arabia’s key oil infrastructure.

Despite this, Tehran was not punished by the Americans. It is not surprising that Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are increasingly striving to reconcile with American opponents, not only in Tehran, but also in Moscow and Beijing.


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