Trump’s defense team is ready to make his first pleading

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Lawyers for US President Donald Trump are preparing to present their first pleadings to his defense on Saturday as part of his historic Senate trial, after three-day Democrats pleaded with their arguments that they considered to be removing him from office.

After spending 24 hours arguing, Democrats told Senators that Trump had misused the authority of the head of state by placing pressure on Ukraine to open an investigation that served him politically, and then sought to block Congressional efforts to conduct an investigation on the matter.

And while Democrats said they had borne the burden of proof, Chief Prosecutor Adam Schiff warned that Trump would remain a “present threat” to American democracy if he remained in power.

Schiff told the council that what is happening means that “Trump is first, not America first.”

“I ask you, I appeal to you (…) Give America a fair trial (…) that it deserves,” Schiff directed the Republicans.

There are signs that Trump is still in control of his party, as a number of Republican Senators have publicly expressed support for him despite the issue detailing his abuses.

Senator Rick Scott told reporters, “I don’t think any of what they have said so far justifies isolation … I am waiting for the White House tomorrow to set the record straight, because what has been said is biased.”

Trump’s team begins its defense at ten (15 GMT). The White House owner complained on Twitter of choosing the timing of the start of the defense, which he considered inappropriate for the broad public to follow.

The defense team will continue to present its arguments on Monday and Tuesday, before the council opens the door to questions and then votes on the option to listen to witnesses, something Democrats have sought from the start.

Republican Senator Mike Browne told “Fox News” that Trump’s defense would be “more concise” and “easier to understand” than the prosecution’s arguments.

The Democrats considered that Trump’s refusal to allow senior officials to testify and provide documents they requested about the Ukrainian investigation constitutes an obstruction to the work of Congress.

A member of the judicial committee responsible for the Trump trial, Val Dentsz, said the president prevented the government from answering 71 detailed requests for documents about his pressure on Kiev to support his re-election efforts in 2020.

She added that Trump also prevented 12 current and former administrative officials, most of whom had been issued summonses against them, from providing their testimony in the investigation.

“Trump’s obstruction of the investigation related to the isolation was total, arbitrary and unprecedented,” said Deming.

– “Absolute power corrupts” –

Demings considered that Congress cannot accept the total abolition of his powers by Trump.

She said before the Senate that “the executive branch, without any kind of restraint, oversight, checks and balances, becomes absolute power.”

“And we know what was said about absolute power. Absolute power is spoilers, that’s for sure.”

Trump said on Twitter that he rejected the entire path. “The radical left and the useless democrats have gone crazy,” he said in a tweet. “They know that (what they are going to do) is a fraud, but they fail to promote it! Public opinion strongly opposes defenselessness.”

America appears divided over Trump’s removal and removal from office. Several polls show that a vast majority wants the Senate to call important witnesses to try Trump.

– A battle over subpoenas –

Trump’s acquittal appears certain, as Republicans have a majority in the Senate of 53 to 47 Democrats, and condemning and removing the president from office requires a majority of 67 votes.

Democrats had hoped to persuade some Republicans of their arguments to summon 4 current and former White House officials who had first-hand knowledge of Trump’s maneuvers on the Ukraine issue.

There were indications that at least two or three Republicans were considering supporting the issuance of subpoenas, but that did not translate into actions.

Analysts predicted that in the absence of Republican support, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, one of Trump’s biggest supporters, will organize a vote on the charges by next week, thereby clearing Trump.

– “refute and refute” –

Republican leaders have threatened that if Democrats get support in issuing subpoenas, they will demand the recall of witnesses of their choice, including potential Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter because their ties to Ukraine were at the center of Trump’s plan to discredit his electoral opponents.

Trump and McConnell also indicated that the president may resort to the powers of the executive that authorizes him to reject subpoenas, which could cause a court challenge that would prolong the case to continue beyond February.

The prosecution briefed the Senate on video clips, internal documents, and testimonies to demonstrate that Trump abused his powers.

Democrats made it clear to television cameras that last year Trump started to force Kiev to help him smear Biden.

But Trump’s attorney, Jay Cyclo, said they would set out to respond to the accusation by filing an argument that would “refute and refute” the prosecution’s arguments.


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