Trump’s trial ends – but final ruling will not be made before November

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — A false ending is the description given by Hollywood filmmakers when the story appears to be coming to an end, yet events continue, Reuters reports.

President Donald Trump’s trial ended on Wednesday with an unsuccessful end. The decision was innocent. But the end of the story on the ground will unfold in November when American voters head to the polls to cast their votes.

Then the Democrats will finally realize whether their gambling to isolate the president, in a step that is the third of its kind in American history, has paid off and achieved electoral gains for them to win the votes of the undecided voters.

Opinion polls during the trial indicated that Trump had little political harm as Republicans and Democrats’ opinions were largely static from the start.

Also in November, Republicans in the US Congress, especially in unresolved circles and states, may realize the political price of setting up a human wall to counter efforts to get Trump out of the Oval Office.

Trump’s lawyers argued that in light of the elections nine months later, voters should be left to make a final judgment on whether Trump had misused his powers by pressuring Ukraine to investigate the actions of his political opponent, Joe Biden.

The impact of the trial on the elections is far from clear. And when the elections are due, the Trump trial and the partisan battle that took place around it may be just a distant memory for a large number of voters more concerned with their livelihoods.

Nevertheless, the trial of one of the most controversial presidents in recent American history has rocked the election race by invigorating the bipartisan rules.

“I think it has done one good thing for Democrats,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Policy Studies. Some activists have woken up how realistic it is that Trump may win a second term.”

Trump raised millions of dollars for his re-election campaign as a result of the campaign, bringing his campaign contributions to $ 46 million in the last quarter of last year, making the most contributions so far. Republican officials said the money, raised during the investigation to isolate Trump, came mostly from supporters angry at Democrats’ efforts to remove him from office.

The Democrats, who are also worried about the fragile majority they enjoy in the House of Representatives, witnessed huge donations to the Democratic candidates for the presidency and the Congress.

Some political analysts said Republicans and Democrats are likely to direct criticism arrows at the vote of their opponents in the Senate and House of Representatives trial in media announcements during the election campaign. This has already begun to happen in some areas.

Democratic Rep. Joe Cunningham, who snatched the South Carolina constituency in 2018 after being in the hands of Republicans for decades, posted ads in his constituency this month to underscore his legislative achievements, in response to a wave of offensive, anti-trial announcements by Republicans.

Cunningham’s approach echoes many Democrats, especially in high-risk constituencies. “I just want to make sure the record is completely clear about what we are doing and our focus,” the deputy told Reuters.

Wooing the electorate

When Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the highest-ranking Democrat in Congress, the investigation opened with the aim of isolating Trump last September, hoping for a large number of Democrats to win a larger share in the polls. Indeed, Pelosi herself has cited increased support among Americans for an investigation into Trump’s actions.

For months, public opinion tended to support the investigation, but the hoped-for big wave did not materialize despite the fact that the congressional investigation was broadcast on television in sessions in which current and former government officials revealed details of a pressure campaign to push Ukraine to conduct the inquiry requested by Trump.

Pelosi’s decision to conduct the investigation suppressed a growing sensation among her party, especially from the left, after she had been resisting the investigation for months, amid fears that Palopal would defect the Democrats in the elections.

Its decision showed the party united in the face of what Democrats saw as a disgraceful behavior on the part of Trump, a position they can use to confront Republicans until November.

Trump can now also boast of his unscathed exit from Special Investigation Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections to help him win the election and from his trial in Congress. Trump has described the two investigations as efforts by elements of the “deep state” opposed to his presidency within the US government.

Reuters / Ipsos polls show that the trial proceedings have had no impact on Trump’s popularity among Americans.

The latest poll, conducted on February 3-4, 2007, showed that 42 percent of American adults approve of the president’s performance while 54 percent condemns it.

And that percentage was almost unchanged from what was the case when the House of Representatives began the investigation in September, when 43 percent approved its performance and 53 percent rejected it.

“The final decision-makers are independent voters who seem to have split evenly, if not slightly, in favor of the president in the equity case,” said Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, where Trump won a major victory in 2016.

“I don’t think anyone is infallible,” said Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, whose concerns prompted him to try the president to abandon the Democratic Party and turn to Republicans. I don’t think … that ever.”


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