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Turkey: The Syrian regime is a fact and one of the parties to the peace process

TURKEY (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could not be a decision maker in the future, but admitted that “the Syrian regime” is a reality and one of the parties to the peace process.

“At the beginning of the peace process, Assad’s regime is a reality and one of the parties, whether he wants it or not, everyone accepts,” Yildirim told a news conference in Madrid.

“But in the medium and long term and after all these pains and the occurrence of this amount of hatred and hatred, this is not possible,” he said.

He noted that Turkey, along with Russia and Iran, had traveled long distances to achieve a cease-fire and an agreement to reduce tension in Syria.

Yildirim reiterated that Turkey would continue the operation against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in northern Syria, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization, and criticized the United States for its support. He accused the Kurdish forces of “continuing to practice injustice to the residents of the areas east of the Euphrates River in Syria, and the recruitment of children and the seizure of their money and the violation of their symptoms.”