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Turkish border guards kill Syrian media activist

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Friday the killing of a Syrian media activist from rural Idlib by Turkish border guards near the border.

The media quoted the sources as saying that the Syrian media activist was killed while trying to cross the border between Turkey and Rif Idlib to reach the Turkish side, and his body was found near the border after days of losing contact with him.

The Observatory has reported the killing of three young men from the village of Hasaka, at the hands of the Turkish border guards, and confirmed the sources of civil observatory that Turkish security arrested these young men trying to reach the Turkish territory, and tortured and then killed and threw their bodies on the border in the Ras al-Ain.

Prior to that, the Turkish border guards fired on a girl from the village of Abu Shadaqah in the village of Idlib during her presence near the border strip close to the area of ​​the Kfar Lucin crossing in the north-western Idlib countryside, which is a transit for Turkish troops entering the Turkish checkpoints in Hama, Idlib and Aleppo.