Turkish PM compares Russian-US situation to street fight

TURKEY (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim compared the situation in relations between Russia and the US against the background of the Syrian crisis.

Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, told the al-Manar TV channel on Wednesday that Russia reserves the right to shoot down all the missiles and destroy the sources of fire in case of US aggression against Syria. Later, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that Russia should be ready to shoot down missiles fired on Syria. According to him, the Russian Federation should be prepared, because the rockets will be “good, new and” smart. ”

“The permanent members of the UN Security Council, with a nuclear arsenal, have a special responsibility for what is happening in the world.” Twitter posts messages with mutual threats, some say they have “smart missiles.” In response, they talk about the arsenal of even more advanced systems. like a street fight, “Yildirim said at the Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul. Broadcast channeled NTV .

According to the Turkish prime minister, the peaceful population of Syria suffers from the confrontation of the two powers, while “the region needs cooperation and reconstruction, and not deepening of contradictions.”