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Twitter for an hour stopped working around the world

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†At least 50 minutes around the world, the social network Twitter completely stopped working . Neither the web interface nor the social network API is working. The following text is displayed on

“Technical error: Thank you for reporting the problem.” In the near future, we will fix the problem and put the system in working order. ”

Developers of Twitter while still do not explain the reason for the outage of the social network. The site simply informs about the fact of the fall of the service: “Twitter fell.” Whether this is due to the blocking of Amazon addresses is not yet confirmed. Problems with the social network in the US, Japan, Europe and Russia recorded a site downdetektor, specializing in tracking failures.

Meanwhile, Roskomnadzor locks the dynamic addresses that the Telegram messenger uses. As a result, problems with access at different times were reported by Viber and other services .

At the same Roskomnadzor opened a hotline in order to monitor the situation with sites that are allegedly blocked due to the actions of the regulator. But after the introduction of the hotline , the site of Roskomnadzor itself fell . At Roskomnadzor, there is a powerful DDoS attack from the night of April 17. And although Rostelecom states that all attacks are repulsed, the site is now firmly in place.

Meanwhile, several previously blocked sites were spontaneously unblocked, among which, for example, RuTracker.