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Twitter Trump got to the oil market

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Almost every morning, Donald Trump entertains himself with new publications on Twitter. Almost every time these tweets affect the markets, and quite significantly.

We have already seen many times how Trump wrote on geopolitical topics, on the dollar, but now he decided to try his hand at the oil market.

He wrote about the inadmissibility of artificial growth in prices for raw materials, in particular energy.

“It looks like it’s OPEC again.” With record volumes of oil everywhere, including tankers loaded into the sea, oil prices are unnaturally high, “Trump wrote in” Twitter “, adding that the US would not tolerate such a state of affairs, according to Bloomberg .

The market reacted to this the publication is reduced, although not too strong. Nevertheless, the price per barrel of the Brent mixture dropped from $ 74 to $ 73.3.

In general, today the focus of the oil market was various statements by OPEC representatives, the Russian energy minister and other OPEC + member countries.

However, they did not contain any sensations, most likely, something really interesting will be at the next meeting, which will be held on June 21 in Vienna.

It is worth, however, note that, apparently, the completion of the transaction is still allowed. Alexander Novak said that Russia is technologically ready to restore production within a few months if the deal is completed.