Two coronavirus deaths in Italy had no pathologies

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — The Higher Institute of Health found that only in two patients who were diagnosed with coronavirus, the disease they caused could be the only cause of death.

This was announced during a traditional press conference in the Department of Civil Protection on Friday by the president of the institute Silvio Brusaferro, according to NOVA.

“The average age of deceased patients who have been diagnosed with coronavirus is 80 years old, and these are mostly men. Most of them suffered from many chronic pathologies. The case histories of two patients who did not have other diagnoses [except for coronavirus] should be before the end studied,” the agency quoted him as saying.

Thus, Brusaferro found it difficult to give accurate statistics on finally confirmed deaths from coronavirus, because, as he explained, the Institute has received so far just over 100 medical records of the dead.

According to the Department of Civil Protection, 1266 people out of 17,660 infected since the outbreak began are considered victims of the disease caused by a new type of coronavirus. Mortality in Italy at the moment is 5.8%.

Moreover, mortality among men is higher – 7.2%, while among women mortality is 4.1%. There are two victims among people under 40: a man suffering from mental illness, diabetes and obesity, and a woman with cancer.

According to real-time statistics portal (Italia Ora), this year in Italy, a total of 134,000 people died of various causes, including illness, accident, accident, murder and suicide. Of these, 1,624 people died on Friday.

The number of deceased patients with coronavirus detected in the last 24 hours was 250 people. This is a record figure since the start of the local outbreak that arose on February 21 in northern Italy.

The rate of infection does not decrease – over the past day more than 2 thousand people have become infected. Currently, nearly 15 thousand residents of Italy are infected.

Throughout the country, quarantine and a ban on the movement of the population without a good reason have been introduced. Closed educational institutions, cultural institutions, restaurants, bars, gyms.

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the spread of coronavirus, infections of which were recorded in more than 110 countries, as a pandemic.


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