Two magnetic storms will cover the Earth this month

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — According to scientists from the FIAN Solar X-ray Astronomy Laboratory, the closest magnetic storm will cover the Earth as early as Thursday, March 19. The meteor impact is expected to be moderately strong and will not exceed the lower mark in G1.

However, even such a magnetic storm can disable not only weather-dependent people, but also those who are not inclined to react to such phenomena.

The next magnetic storm, according to experts, is expected at the end of March, the 27th, and it will also be moderate.

March 19 and March 27 should be more careful hypertensive patients, people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, emotionally and mentally unstable people. Absolutely healthy people on this day may decrease performance, apathy and fatigue may occur, headaches and irritation are possible.

Doctors recommend during days of magnetic storms to reduce physical and psychological stress, avoid conflicts and get enough sleep. It is also worth eating well, consuming more fluids and, if possible, planning a long walk in the fresh air.

Alcohol, coffee and energy drinks – on such days it is better to reduce the use or completely avoid it. You can visit the pool or fully relax in nature.

People with chronic diseases should consult with their doctor and keep the necessary medicines on hand.


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