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Two Russian combat ships enter the Mediterranean

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) – After firing exercises in the Black Sea, two Russian patrol boats passed through the Bosphorus before reaching the Mediterranean.

Two patrol vessels from the Russian Black Sea Fleet crossed the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait to enter the Mediterranean , Turkish news websites published photos of the buildings.

These are precisely the frigates named Pytlivy and Smetlivy, who have earlier carried out exercises in the Black Sea, according to the press service of the Fleet.

The Bosphorus Observer website announced Monday that the Russian Navy’s landing ship Orsk had crossed the straits of the Black Sea before entering the waters of the Mediterranean. According to the website, the ship headed for the Syrian port of Tartus, which is home to a Russian Navy’s material and technical supply base.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet confirmed this information.