Two tourists killed and six wounded in a bus accident in Malta

MALTA (OBSERVATORY) – A 62-year-old Belgian woman and a 37-year-old Spanish woman were killed and six other tourists were seriously injured on Monday when a two-story tourist bus collided with hanging tree branches in Malta, police said.

Health Minister Chris Verne said three of the injured were Britons, including two children, as well as two women from Germany and Italy and a man whose nationality was not yet known.

The accident took place at Zureiq, 16 km (10 miles) from the capital, Valletta, on a route often used by tourist buses. Local media reported that the branches may have been unusually low due to the damage caused to the trees by the stormy winds that hit the area on Sunday night.

The tourists were sitting on the open top floor of the bus when the accident occurred.

Rescue workers used cranes to carry the injured on the upper floor of the bus.