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UAE says Qatari hunters intercept civil aircraft

QATAR (OBSERVATORY) – An Emirati airliner linking the UAE to Bahrain with 86 passengers on board was forced to perform maneuvers to avoid a collision with Qatari fighters, reports the UAE WAM news agency.

The United Arab Emirates announced Sunday that Qatari fighters had intercepted an airliner carrying 86 passengers, reports the official UAE WAM agency.

According to the media, the flight connected the UAE to Bahrain. The agency adds that the Emirates airliner had to make maneuvers to avoid a collision.

Qatari officials have not yet commented on this information.

The United Arab Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, imposed trade and diplomatic sanctions on Qatar in June, accusing the Emirate of supporting Shiite Iran and radical Islamists. Qatar rejected the accusations and accused the four countries of wanting to force it to align with their foreign policy positions.

Last June, Qatar asked ICAO to intervene, its Arab Gulf neighbors having closed their airspace to the flights of Qatari aircraft as part of the sanctions.