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UK: Corbyn warns of London’s involvement in Syrian conflict

UNITED KINGDOM (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe leader of the official opposition in the United Kingdom warned against the consequences of London’s involvement in a possible military action against Syria.

British Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Thursday (April 12th) that a “dangerous scenario” was waiting for Americans in Syria. He wants Parliament to be consulted by Theresa May’s government before any military operation against the Damascus government.

“It’s not just Theresa May’s government that will have to decide on the UK’s involvement in a military attack on Syria,” Corbyn said.

The latter stressed that the escalation of violence and the intensification of conflicts would not help the Syrian population. He then reminded Theresa May of the “undesirable” consequences of the UK’s involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

He added that any new military operation in Syria would increase the toll of destruction and death in a country that has been bogged down for more than seven years.

The British government has “agreed on the need to take action” to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and prevent further resort to chemical weapons in Syria, the press service of the British Prime Minister said in a statement released Thursday. The move came after a meeting between British ministers and Prime Minister Theresa May held at the cabinet office to discuss the UK’s possible response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria, reports Reuters.