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UK parliamentarians sent May an ultimatum under the terms of Brexit

UNITED KINGDOM (OBSERVATORY) –┬áSeveral high-ranking parliamentarians sent an ultimatum to Prime Minister Theresa┬áMys with a demand to abandon the “customs partnership” with the EU after the country left the union, the BBC television channel reported.

Legislators oppose plans to bring national customs duties after Brexit in line with EU duties. This scheme will actually leave the customs rules unchanged, despite the withdrawal of the kingdom from the union. The main proponent of the unification of customs regulations is Chancellor Philip Hammond.

According to the 30-page document, such an agreement with the European Union will deprive the British Ministry of Foreign Trade of the opportunity to enter into meaningful trade agreements. Parliamentarians also fear the high costs of implementing the plan.

A more acceptable alternative, in their opinion, is the minimization of customs procedures, but not the complete abolition of duties.

Members of Parliament, if they refuse to comply with their demands, threaten to deprive May of support, which could lead to a government crisis.

In the office of the Prime Minister they refused to call the document an ultimatum and noted that the government is considering two options for resolving the issue of the conditions for transporting goods across the border.

Britain will leave the EU on March 29, 2019.