UK resident captures death and her servant

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — There are a lot of pictures on the Web where supposedly people were able to shoot death.

The story of Sharon Cole is similar to these, but still has certain differences that make one believe what happened.

UK resident captures death and her servant

The woman was in the hospital with her father, who was in a critical situation (the man was overcome with cancer).

At one point, my father pointed to the door and asked to turn on the phone’s camera. What was the surprise of the British when she saw the silhouette of a stranger peering around the corner.

UK resident captures death and her servant

The second photo was no less strange. On it you can observe a crow, which, according to mythology, is a servant of dark forces and death.

The pictures were really creepy. Father Sharon died two hours after all these oddities. The woman is sure that it was death that was filmed and her servant – the crow.


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