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UN called on world leaders to resist anti-Semitism

EUROPE (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe UN special envoy for the Middle East settlement Nikolay┬áMladenov called on world leaders to confront anti-Semitism in the world after the Palestinian leader’s statements on the Holocaust.

“Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas decided to use his speech at the opening of the Palestinian National Council to repeat the most contemptuous anti-Semitic insults, including the assumption that the social behavior of Jews caused the Holocaust.” Such statements are unacceptable, they are extremely troubling, and not in the interests of the Palestinian people and peace in the Middle East, “Mladenov said in a statement.

“Denying the religious and historical ties of the Jewish people with the land and their holy places in Jerusalem does not correspond to the real state of affairs,” he said.

Mladenov stressed that the Holocaust “was the result of thousands of years of persecution,” and attempts to deny it are dangerous. “Leaders have a duty to resist anti-Semitism anywhere and always,” the Jerusalem statement said.

Abbas in a recent speech, as the media write, argued that European Jews were the object of hatred and were persecuted because they were engaged in usury. The European Union has already issued a statement on this matter.

The EU considers some statements by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas about Israel and the Holocaust unacceptable, such rhetoric only favors those who oppose the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the principle of two states, the European Foreign Service said on Wednesday.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas of anti-Semitism and denying the Holocaust, urging the international community to condemn his statements.