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UN Secretary General: Situation in the world is more complicated than in the Cold War

UNITED NATIONS (OBSERVATORY) – Artificially created crises only break the existing world order. This was said today in Beijing by the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov.

His fears confirmed the UN Secretary General. He admitted: the situation is worse now than during the Cold War.

The United Nations Organization, which, in fact, must guarantee peace and tranquility, is bound by the hands, they can do nothing.

Not a forecast, not a horror story, but a dry statement of fact. The UN Secretary-General decided to personally warn: we again live in the years of the Cold War.

“One thing is clear: the Cold War has returned, but there is a difference between what was before and the situation now, then there was a serious conflict between the US and the Soviet Union.”

“Now Washington and Moscow do not control everyone, as it was then. region: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others, there are no two homogeneous controlled blocks.There were functions for dialogue, control and communication during the Cold War to ensure that when there was a risk of confrontation, events would not go beyond control. they no longer have the mechanisms,” said the UN secretary general, António Guterres.

Exactly the same today said Sergei Lavrov. There are quite specific forces that are breaking the existing order of the world order, guided by personal interests. The consequences do not reflect. The latest example: the tripartite – the States, France, Britain – a blow to Syria.

“There are attempts to undermine the stability of the international order, which relies on the UN Charter, and attempts are made to complete the court, to investigate the case, to pass judgments.” This is unacceptable, we clearly said with the People’s Republic of China,” said Sergei Lavrov.

The fact that Syria is about to undergo provocations, the Russian side warned long before the events in the Duma. The American Pentagon and the French president at different times had time to declare: Assad has no chemical weapons. But as soon as the “White Helmets” broke into the hospital and poured water on several patients, like Washington, London and Paris tried to attack the government Syrian forces. And now, acting in a roundabout way, interfere with the work of a group of inspectors of the OPCW.

“The immediate task is to ensure that the OPCW inspectors finish their work and do so without outside pressure, not succumbing to this pressure, because they are trying to pressure them, and we will insist that inspectors visit all the places that are associated with the so-called news of the chemical attack, including the place where the famous video was shot, where the boys were watered, after which these boys, completely healthy in a good mood, were already demonstrated to the world community in a peaceful life,” said Sergey Lavrov.

Syria is not the only front where an information war is fought. Today is the deadline, when the UK must show evidence of Russia’s guilt in poisoning the British spy of Skripal. So far no one has done so. Instead, the police and special services “merged” in the press obscured fotobot is not clear whom.

Ostensibly here is depicted the secret Russian agent Gordon, who directed the mission of hired assassins. About him, the authorities told the defector Boris Karpichkov, known for earning bread, telling the press about the so-called Russian threat and conspiracy theories. The source is more than doubtful. In general, again no facts and just another “highli lycli.”