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United Nations condemns Israel’s use of “excessive force” in Gaza

UNITED NATIONS (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called on Israel to prevent its forces from using “excessive” force against Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip.

High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said in a statement: “Every week we witness the use of lethal force against unarmed demonstrators. It is hard to imagine that burning tires, throwing stones or even Molotov cocktails from long distances on heavily fortified security forces in defensive positions may Pose such a threat.”

“The killings resulting from the illegal use of force in the context of occupied areas, as in Gaza, are deliberate killings and constitute a grave violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

“Every State has a fundamental obligation under human rights law to ensure that all serious loss of life and injury are investigated and those responsible are held accountable under the criminal law, and any investigation into the recent events in Gaza must lead to this purpose,” he stressed.

“Unfortunately, in the context of this permanent and unequal conflict, serious investigations appear to be collecting evidence independently, while there seems to be little or no effort to apply the rule of law to many of the alleged killings of unarmed civilians By the Israeli security forces when they are away from the lenses of cameras.”

Al-Hussein expressed his criticism of Israel’s approach and its continued “failure” to hold its security forces accountable. “This encourages them to use lethal force against innocent people who do not pose a threat,” he said.

On Friday, thousands of Palestinians gathered along the eastern border of Gaza. Citizens continued to set fire to rubber tires along the eastern border of Gaza in the return marches, which Juma called “rebellious youth”.