United States can arrange a provocation in Syria

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — The signing of the Idlib agreement by Moscow and Russia on March 5 in Moscow stopped attacks in the region, and now is the time for joint patrols, which the Russian and Turkish military will launch on March 15 in Idlib, similar to the work carried out east of the Euphrates in Syria, states Yeni Şafak.

It is expected that thanks to the joint efforts of the two countries, the security of the corridor 12 kilometers wide, which is planned to be created south and north of the M4 highway, stretching from Latakia to Aleppo, will be ensured. In Turkey, negotiations are ongoing with the Russian delegation, the publication recalls.

On the third day of the ongoing Turkish-Russian ceasefire negotiations in Ankara, Syrian Idlib, agreement was reached on most issues, Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar quoted Anadolu as saying. According to the head of the Turkish defense department, Turkey maintains a military presence in the north-west of Syria, there is no question of the withdrawal of the Turkish military, the compounds will not change their locations.

The Minister also emphasized that in the event of a ceasefire violation in Idlib and continued attacks on the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria, Ankara will resume hostilities.

The weapon in Idlib became silent, but this does not mean that a long-term solution to the problem has been found, observer Milliyet notes . The Damascus regime will continue to advance, Russia will not cease to support it, and Turkey will remain in the same place where it is located to prevent a new wave of migration, the author expects. In his opinion, the critical question is whether Turkey can simultaneously deter Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham.

Other jihadist organizations, because the United States can organize provocations so that, on the one hand, divert Turkey’s attention from the Kurdish region, on the other, push Turkey and Russia against their foreheads. Dialogue with Assad is still the only way out for Turkey, the author concludes.

While Turkey is taking steps to put an end to conflicts in the region, neither Russia, nor the US, nor the EU are eager to implement the agreements reached at the negotiating table, the author complains Milli gazete . Even the ceasefire decision in Idlib made following talks between Putin and Erdogan in Moscow is reportedly being violated by the forces of the Syrian regime. And although this is not a large-scale violation of the ceasefire, it seems to be aimed at the resumption of clashes, the journalist said.

Judging by the news that came from Idlib since the signing by Russia and Turkey of an additional protocol to the Sochi memorandum on March 5, the ceasefire is generally respected, despite some minor violations by the Damascus regime, the author concludes Hürriyet . It is emphasized that Russia and other global forces must use their influence on Damascus to abide by the ceasefire and understand the lack of alternatives to peaceful methods of resolving the Idlib problem.

The author also notes that ensuring a stable ceasefire will give Idlib civilian population the opportunity to stay in the province, at least until a political solution to the Syrian problem is found, and prevent a new crisis related to the influx of Syrian refugees into Turkey.

The details of the talks between the presidents of Russia and Turkey on March 5 in Moscow, which most likely will not be fully publicized, can be judged by the specific steps on the battlefield, commented journalist Evrensel . A little time has passed since the meeting of the two leaders, but it is already clear that Russia is not going to make concessions, and, apparently, it will gradually force Turkey to leave Idlib, the author suggests.

Columnist Milliyet Announcing the tripartite summit of the leaders of Turkey, France and Germany, scheduled for March 17 in Turkey, he notes that this meeting was planned to be held after the NATO summit in London, held in early December last year. And if then NATO declared unconditional support to Turkey against the legitimate regime in Syria, showed a decisive position in response to the actions of Russia and Syria, then, most likely, “Assad would not have found the courage to go against the Turkish army and make 50 of our sons martyrs”, The journalist writes.

However, the Turkish Shield of Spring operation launched in Idlib in one week taught a very good lesson to both Assad and Putin, the author continues. As a result, the “Idlib agreement has risen,” and Russia said “stop” to the policy of the Syrian administration, aimed at the expulsion of “the last remaining Sunnis in the country” to Turkey. In addition, Macron and Merkel will visit Turkey to discuss the situation with refugees.

Following the entry into force of the ceasefire agreement in Idlib between Turkey and Russia, livelihoods in Idlib and surrounding areas are gradually being restored, Sabah informs . It is noted that with the cessation of the bombardment by the Assad regime and Russian military aircraft, people began to go out into the street, shops and shops began to open.

In addition, following the adoption by Russia and Turkey of a decision to create a security corridor and conduct joint patrols along the M4 highway, this strategic road opens up for traffic.


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