Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrate near the Lebanese border with Israel

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áMore than 3,000 Palestinian refugees from Lebanon’s camps demonstrated at the invitation of the Palestinian factions to participate in the “Great March of Return” on the anniversary of the Nakba and protest against Washington’s transfer to Jerusalem.

The protesters gathered in the Beaufort fortress in Arnaoon village south of Lebanon near the border with Israel, amid heavy security deployment of the Lebanese security forces and elements of Hezbollah and Palestinian factions, expressing solidarity with the besieged Gaza Strip, where more than sixty Palestinians were killed Monday by Israeli fire.

A musical ensemble was playing national anthems on an innovative stage, with hundreds of Palestinian flags waving in front of them, waving women’s voices and singing to the band, “Huda O Bahr al-Hadi, our length in our absence … a peaceful friend of the land that has brought us back …” and “the sun rises from all the lands of the diaspora.”

Although the organizers banned any flags except the Palestinian and Lebanese, some demonstrators waved Hezbollah flags and MP Mohammad Raad of Hezbollah participated in the rally.