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US accuses Russia of spying and seizes Greek sky

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†As Americans continue to extend NATO to Russia’s borders, new US accusations have just been formed. According to the United States, about 50 “suspect ships” are conducting a reconnaissance operation in the Aegean Sea near Greek territory.

This provided the necessary excuse for Washington to intensify its military activities in the Aegean. For the Americans, the Aegean Sea now has a training ground.

NATO handed over to Athens a list of 50 “suspect ships” conducting reconnaissance missions in the Aegean, off the Greek coast, the Greek newspaper Real wrote . The warning was issued to the Greek coastguard and navy.

“These are fishing boats, sailboats and pleasure boats that sail in the Aegean but actually collect information. In addition to the Greek military installations and activities, they are also interested in the movement of Americans, who have been multiplying in recent times on Greek territory, “said the Greek newspaper.

The Greek newspaper Real warned that the Aegean had already begun to look like an “American training ground” under a recently concluded agreement on the deployment of US MQ-9 drones: “The Aegean Sea is always reminiscent of an American polygon. Greco-American relations in the field of defense have reached their peak, literally and figuratively. A few days ago, Greece and the United States extended their agreement on the deployment of drones MQ-9 “, wrote the newspaper Real quoted by Sputnik.

Indeed, the United States plans to replace drones deployed in the Larissa base by more modern aircraft intended in particular to perform reconnaissance missions in the Aegean, notes the newspaper. These developments coincide with an unprecedented and unjustified deterioration of relations between Russia and Greece, which recently recalled its Moscow-based ambassador.

Greece, say political analysts, “is no longer a sovereign country, its ports, airport and islands having been sold to pay off its debt.” A geopolitically and geographically strategic country, its maritime, air and land space thus serves as a “natural” basis for expansionist US and NATO policies.