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US ambassador to the UN criticizes the White House

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, criticized the White House after one of President Donald Trump’s advisers accused it of “mingling” about sanctions against Russia.

“With all due respect, I do not get confused,” Hely told Fox News.

Hely was responding to comments by White House economic adviser Larry Kudlo.

Hely said the United States was preparing new sanctions on Russian companies. But the White House later said no such sanctions had been made.

In its first comment on CBS, Hely said the new sanctions would target “any companies dealing with equipment related to (Syrian President Bashar) Assad and the use of chemical weapons.”

The new sanctions would send a “strong message” to Russian leaders, she said.

The statement angered Trump, the New York Times reported. The controversy became public on the thirtieth day, when Kudlo tried to explain the administration’s position on the sanctions.

“The fact is that we have a range of sanctions and we are looking for additional sanctions, but they are still pending,” he said.

After Hely denied that “the matter was clear” in an interview hours later, Kudlo called her to apologize, the New York Times said.

“I was wrong to say that, she was following what she thought was the policy,” Kudlo told the paper.

But observers said the debate between the two points to differences within the Trump administration, especially after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was sacked last month.

Differences between Russia and Western countries have grown after the United States, Britain and France launched attacks on Syria in response to an alleged chemical attack.

Syria and its ally insist on a chemical attack in the armed opposition town of Duma on April 7.