US and German intelligence spied on more than a hundred countries

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — For years, American and German intelligence have used a Swiss company that specializes in encrypting communications to spy on more than 100 countries, according to American, German and Swiss media reports.

After the Second World War, the crypto company, Crypto AG, was raised on the throne of selling encryption equipment. ZDF “and the Swiss radio and television station” SRF “.

According to the “Washington Post”, the list of entities that dealt with the Swiss company includes “Iran and the military councils in Latin America, India, Pakistan and the Vatican”.

However, in the 1970s, the CIA secretly bought Crypto AG as part of a “highly classified partnership” with the German intelligence agency “BND”, which withdrew from the partnership in the 1990s, to sell after that. The CIA’s Crypto Corporation in the year 2018.

The two intelligence agencies “manipulated the company’s equipment in order to decipher the countries (clients) it used to direct their encrypted messages.”

In this way, we were able to monitor the hostage-taking crisis at the American embassy in Tehran in 1979, provide Britain with information about the Argentine army during the (Al-Mulween / Falklands) war, follow up on assassination campaigns in Latin America, and surprised Libyan officials during their praise of the attack on a nightclub in West Berlin In 1986 two American soldiers were killed, according to the “Washington Post”.

A 2004 CIA report seen by the investigators said that the operation called “Tesoros” and then “Rubicon” was a “blow of the century” on the intelligence front.

The miners also had access to documents compiled by German intelligence agencies.

According to the Washington Post, neither the CIA nor the German intelligence service wanted to make any comment about the investigation, without denying the information it contained.

For his part, former coordinator of German intelligence, Bernd Schmidbauer, told German television “ZDF” that “Rubicon” was indeed an intelligence operation, noting that it contributed to “making the world safer.”

The Swedish company, “Crypto International”, which bought “Crypto AG” that the investigation “raises concern,” denying the existence of “any link with the CIA and the German intelligence service.”

On Tuesday, the Swiss authorities told AFP that they had begun a “survey” on the matter on January 15.


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