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US conducted a test launch of the Minuteman-3 ICBM

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe United States on Monday carried out a successful test of the Minuteman-3 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the command of the global strike of the US Air Force reported.

The rocket was launched at 11:23 Moscow time from a silo launcher from the Vandenberg airbase in California. The unarmed warhead of the missile, flying 6,700 km, fell in the designated area at an American test site in the Kwajalein Atoll area, located in the central Pacific Ocean.

Command of the global strike of the US Air Force reported that “the purpose of ICBM tests is to confirm and verify the effectiveness, readiness and accuracy of the weapons system.”

“The ICBM test launch program demonstrates the combat readiness of the Minuteman-3 and confirms the ability of the US to have strong and reliable nuclear deterrent forces as a key element in ensuring US national security and security for the allies and partners of the United States,” the Global Hits Command said.

The first launch of the Minuteman-3 ICBMs this year was carried out on April 25.

In 2017, four test launches were conducted from the Vandenberg airbase, which is the average number of annual launches of these missiles.

“Minuteman-3” has been in service with the US Air Force since 1970 and is the only ground-based ICBM in the US. In total, the United States has 400 such missiles, each capable of carrying three nuclear warheads.

These ICBMs are on alert duty in the mines at the Malmstrom (Montana) airbase, Francis Warren (Wyoming) and the airbase of Minot (North Dakota). The missiles are regularly upgraded. It is assumed that this missile will remain in service with the US Air Force until 2020.