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US Congress refuses to economically help Syrian government rebuild

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe lower house of the US Congress has passed a bill banning any US assistance to rebuild Syria in Damascus-controlled territory.

A bill passed by the House of Representatives of the US Congress bans US aid for the reconstruction of Syria in areas controlled by the Syrian authorities, according to a statement by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House of Congress.

“The policy of the United States will be such that US assistance for recovery, reconstruction or stabilization purposes in Syria as soon as possible will be used in a democratic Syria or in areas not controlled by the United States. the Syrian authorities led by Bashar al-Assad or the forces linked to it, “says the bill.

In January, the State Department announced that Washington would not help Russia, Iran and Damascus to rebuild the country until a “political transformation” was achieved in Syria. David Satterfield, deputy secretary of state for the Middle East, said aid would be granted on the condition of constitutional reform and elections under the auspices of the UN.

The document, however, leaves the door open. In order for the Syrian Government to benefit, the US President must submit to the relevant congressional committees evidence that the Syrian authorities “have stopped attacks against the population and civilian infrastructure, – undertake verifiable measures aimed at the liberation of all political detainees”,”are organizing honest and free elections “and” have stopped the development and deployment of ballistic and cruise missiles”.

The complete list of requirements for the Syrian authorities includes 11 points.

In addition, no Syrian official or their family should be involved in projects that could be funded by the United States.