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US defined duties on aluminum from China

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe US Department of Commerce has previously determined that the import of aluminum sheets and alloys from China is subsidized, so it is necessary to establish compensation duties at the level of 113%, the ministry said in a statement.

Import of aluminum sheets and alloys from China to the US was estimated at about $ 600 million in 2016, also noted in the statement. According to Reuters, the final decision in the investigation of the Ministry of Trade should be announced on August 30.

The Aluminum Association, an American trading group, welcomed this decision. “This is an important first step to begin the restoration of the playing field for the production of aluminum sheets in the United States,” said Heidi Brock, president of the group.

Preliminary conclusion of the department appeared after the US president threatened to set duties on the import of goods from China worth about $ 150 billion to influence the industrial policy of Beijing.

The Ministry of Commerce began investigating the import of aluminum sheets from China in November 2017. This was the first measure in the anti-dumping policy of the team of the new US President, Donald Trump.

As reported, “Vesti.Ekonomika, in March, US President Donald Trump signed an order to impose import duties on steel and aluminum. Duties on imports of steel amounted to 25%, for imports of aluminum – 10%.

Beijing said that the introduction of these duties is contrary to the rules of the World Trade Organization. On Sunday, China also noted that the tariffs “caused serious damage” to its interests.

Last month, Trump decided to introduce additional duties on imports of Chinese goods worth up to $ 60 billion. The announcement of tariffs was the first in a series of US trade restrictions, set directly against China and intended to combat the alleged theft of American technology.