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US destroyer carrying 28 average Tomahawk missiles capable of hitting Syria

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe United States is continuing to strengthen its capability to launch rockets in the Middle East, the Russian Defense Ministry said Monday.

The ministry said in a statement that these measures are being taken as part of preparations for a new provocation in the Syrian province of Idlib under the pretext of “fabricated chemical attack”.

The US destroyer Ross, carrying 28 Tomahawk missiles, entered the Mediterranean on Aug. 25 and the extent of the missiles allows the United States to target all Syrian territory, the ministry said.

The statement added that these preparations are a new evidence of the United States plans to exploit the fabricated “chemical attack” prepared by the militants of the “Sham Liberation Organization” (formerly “Victory Front”) in the province of Idlib, with the active participation of British intelligence.

The USS Sullivan’s destroyer, carrying 56 drone rockets that entered the Gulf waters previously, and the US B-1B strategic carrier carrying 24 JASM-type drone-to-surface missiles, in Qatar.