US Embassy surrounded: Is Iran pulling the strings

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — When the Trump-Pompeo-Esper trio decided to send the F-15 US to bomb the sons of Iraq, the very people to whom the country owes its integrity and regained sovereignty, they did not believe that the response would go beyond attack which, let’s face it, should not have been very difficult to carry out: some missiles launched from a sky under occupation!

But tonight, the “New Year” will have a bitter taste for the Trump-Pompeo-Esper trio who must mop up while watching TV images of Iraqis around the US Embassy in Baghdad. Certainly the US president and his clan do not stop cursing Iran which “orchestrated the occupation of the US embassy in Baghdad” as in 1979; the truth is still there and it is obvious.

America killed 30 Iraqi soldiers in a matter of seconds to take revenge for the death of an American. There he crystallized all the fascism that characterizes the behavior of an occupier in the face of what he considers to be “conquered land”. Well Iraq is no longer a conquered land. The proof: the Iraqi state signatory of the security pact with Washington has just decreed 3 days of national mourning. Tonight, America has learned a lesson: cannons are not always enough to win, especially when you are in the Middle East.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abul Mahdi declared on Tuesday December 31st three days of national mourning after the martyred death of a number of Iraqi security forces in the bombing of American planes in the province of al-Anbar.

US army fighter planes bombed Hashd al-Chaabi headquarters in Iraq on the Syrian border in the west on Sunday evening.

According to a latest report provided by the Iraqi authorities, 30 people fell as a martyr and at least 50 others were injured during these attacks. A Hashd commander and his two assistants, as well as the deputy commander of Hachd al-Chaabi brigade 45, are among the martyrs. The death toll could increase, with many injured in serious health.

Following these attacks, many political groups and movements condemned and denounced the United States for the violation of Iraqi sovereignty. Some voices are already talking with the Baghdad protesters about the closure of the embassy and the withdrawal of US troops.

In response to the Iraqi rally in front of the Washington diplomatic mission in Baghdad, Saad Shaker al-Khazali, a member of the Iraqi Parliament, called it the “beginning of the end of the American-Israeli-Saudi project in Iraq”.

Referring to the graffiti “closed on the orders of the people”, written on the wall of the American embassy, ​​the Iraqi deputy expressed himself in a message on his account tweeter: “The people and the Iraqi popular mobilization have in fact closed the embassy of evil. The American Jokers have closed schools of science [in recent protests] but the Hashd al-Chaabi have closed schools of mercenaries. ”

Saad’s use of the word “Joker” alludes to infiltrators in the ranks of infiltrator protesters who called for the closure of schools, universities and administrations in Iraq while also taking attacks against the headquarters of the various political parties Iraqi. The Joker also refers to a film of the same name recently released in the United States.

Referring to the military pact between Washington and Baghdad, Middle East analyst Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi said that now, with this blatant aggression against Iraq, the ground was favorable for factions of the Iraqi parliament to limit the prerogatives of the Americans and even that they decide to deport them.

“If the Americans justified their military presence in Iraq by referring to the pact concluded with Baghdad, now with this aggression, they no longer have legitimacy. They targeted, like the occupying forces, the Iraqi security forces belonging to an Iraqi military organization recognized as legitimate by the Iraqi parliament. ”

With regard to Baghdad’s possible response to the most recent American attacks, the Iranian expert stressed that a military response was necessary and that it was part of the legitimate rights of the Iraqis. However, he recalled that it was up to the Iraqi Security Council to decide the scale of this response.


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