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US, France, UK tripartite attack on Syria has made Israel more lonely than ever

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –¬†According to the Debkafile website, which is close to intelligence circles of the Israeli army, the tripartite attack carried out by the US, France and the United Kingdom against Syria has not only calmed Tel Aviv’s preoccupation with terrorism. power of the Axis of Resistance, but on the contrary made it more isolated than ever in Syria.

“Following the US attack on Syria, Israel is increasingly afraid of its isolation from Iran’s retaliation for the attack on the T4 military base,” the site added.

The site also said that Israeli forces were on alert in the northern borders with Syria and Lebanon.

During his speech on Friday, April 13, Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah announced that the attack on Syria has not caused any fear among the Syrians. Above all, it has prejudiced the interests of opponents of the Syrian government and those of the Israeli regime.

According to Debkafile, while Iran and its allies are supported by Russia, Israel is more isolated than ever in Syria.