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US froze funding of White Helmets organization

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The United States has frozen funding for the organization White Helmets, which positions itself as a voluntary humanitarian structure that provides assistance to victims in Syria, CBS reported.

The US State Department announced that at present the issue of the resumption of funding “is under active consideration”.

As the channel notes, the US contribution is about one third of the organization’s budget.

The channel recalls that in March the representatives of “White Helmets” were received at the State Department.

As the leader of the group Raed Saleh told CBS, “our meeting in March was positive, there were even statements by a high-ranking official about commitments until 2020, nothing was said about the termination of support.”

The channel notes that officially the White Helmets did not receive any notifications from the US about the suspension or termination of financial support from the US government, but representatives of the organization in Syria reported the termination of the receipt of funds.

“If this is a permanent or long-term cessation of funding, it will have a serious negative impact on our ability to serve civil as efficiently and efficiently as it was recently,” Salekh said.

Russia has repeatedly acted with the exposure of the White Helmets, which are used by the West for information war against the Syrian authorities.

Thus, the organization is actively involved in staging scenarios about alleged instances of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime.