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US is preparing for a blow to Syria. American destroyer appeared next to Tartus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The destroyer of the US Navy, Donald Cook, approached the Russian military base of Tartus for 100 kilometers. According to Turkish journalists, Russian combat aircraft have risen to meet the ship. They flew at least four times over it. However, the Pentagon refutes this information.

It also became known that soon a similar destroyer, Porter, could join Donald Cook. To get to the coast of Syria, he only a few days, writes the Wall Street Journal .

In addition, users of specialized Internet resources, which track the movement of aircraft around the world, noted that Russian aviation had been transferred to the Tartus region. These are two anti-submarine Il-38, and the A-50 flying radar is constantly operating in the water area of ​​the base.

Meanwhile, the Syrian armed forces are preparing for an attack. They take a number of measures to ensure the security of their military facilities, erect fortifications, the Interfax news agency reported .

“Donald Cook” and “Porter” are destroyers of the “Arly Burke” class. That is, well-armed warships. According to open sources, each has 96 universal launch cells for anti-ship, anti-aircraft, and, most importantly, cruise missiles. The number of these or those ammunition depends on the combat mission. But the Washington Examiner edition believes that now on board each destroyer loaded with 60 tactical missiles Tomahawk.

Recall that last week the media disseminated information about the chemical attack in the Syrian city of the Duma. Western countries immediately blamed the official Damascus for this. Even though the residents of the area, where they allegedly used poisonous substances , did not even hear about weapons of mass destruction. However, this did not prevent US President Donald Trump from promising that within 48 hours he would decide on retaliatory actions against the Syrian government.