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US lost Pakistan, Islamabad is strengthening its partnership with Tehran, Moscow and Beijing

PAKISTAN (OBSERVATORY) –¬†As Pakistan-US relations cool down, Islamabad is strengthening its partnership with Tehran, Moscow and Beijing.

On the sidelines of the Sixth International Marine Forces Forum of the States bordering the Indian Ocean in Tehran, Ali Fadavi, the commander of the Navy Guard Corps of the Islamic Revolution (CGRI), met with his Pakistani counterpart Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi.

“The US is causing all the insecurity in the Middle East region. The terrorism that Washington is fueling has inflicted heavy damage on Iran and Pakistan, “said the Pakistani admiral, who thanked Tehran for its efforts to ensure the security of the waters of the country. ‘Indian Ocean.

“Pakistan has always had a lot of respect for Iran and the people of Iran. Pakistan’s support for Iran during the war against Iraq in the evidence, “said the Pakistani admiral, denouncing the division that the enemy maintains in the region.

His Iranian counterpart, General Ali Fadavi, for his part, hoped to see a joint Iranian-Pakistani military maneuver with the presence of CGRI’s naval forces and said: “In view of the hostile positions of Donald Trump, the US President, Against Islamabad, Pakistani politicians and military officials have taken a firm stance and worthy of Pakistani identity.”

On the other hand, for Imran Khan, a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, there is no hope of improving Pakistan-US relations.

“It is impossible to say that Pakistan-US relations are in good shape,” said Imran Khan, candidate for the post of prime minister in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“Washington does not have the right to attribute its failures to Pakistan. Mutual respect is the principle of bilateral relations, but the Trump White House does not realize it,” he added.

Criticizing US strategy in Afghanistan, Imran Khan said, “The continuation of a military campaign is not going to end a 16-year conflict.”