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US military has made another big move: weapons are hidden deep in the desert

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — The development of science and technology in today’s world is very rapid, especially countries all over the world know that only the development of military power is the last word, so almost all countries are focusing on developing their own military hard power.

This gives the United States a sense of crisis. You must know that since the end of World War II, the United States has been firmly in the position of world hegemony for decades, and its economic and military strength are at the forefront of the world.

There is a faint sense of pride in the superior, but with the development of time, the military standards of various countries continue to improve and the advantages continue to expand, which makes the United States feel that its strength is already insufficient.

Hidden weapons are hidden deep in the desert experts

Therefore, news about the United States is developing a new generation of strategic bombers, and all sectors of society are very concerned about this matter. After all, the emergence of a new generation of strategic bombers is likely to represent a reshuffle of the military strength of the entire world. And just recently, a satellite took an amazing scene in the depths of the desert. The content of the photo is another big move of the US military. Regarding the latest developments of the latest generation bomber B-21, this big killer hidden deep in the desert, Aroused everyone’s strong attention.

Hidden weapons are hidden deep in the desert experts

The B-2 bomber currently equipped by the US military is already very advanced, and the B-52 bomber is also a “big killer” in the eyes of various countries, and it is also preparing to make this model into service until about 2050. Although these two bombers are in a leading position, the B-52 is a product of half a century ago, and the B-2 is also a model that was in service in the 1990s. This is actually an older bomber, and it is almost approaching the age of the aircraft. The end of the allowed service period. At the same time, the military technology of other military powers in the world is about to catch up with the United States. All this makes the US military need a brand new strategic bomber to maintain its position as the world’s hegemon.

Hidden weapons are hidden deep in the desert experts

B-21 is born because of the situation. It is reported that the biggest selling point of B-21 is actually cheap. Changing the characteristics of weapons with unusually high cost before, it has reduced costs and improved the ability of the US military to withstand losses while retaining strong strength. . At the same time, it also joined a new generation of information-based combat system in the United States. If a war really occurs, it will be mainly responsible for reconnaissance and multi-point bombing. If it is successfully developed, it will likely replace the current B-52 bomber. Status.

Hidden weapons are hidden deep in the desert experts

According to experts, judging from the mysterious photos exposed this time, at least four prototypes have been put into test flight, so the research and development of this new generation bomber is progressing very quickly. While the United States was exposed this time, the world ’s surprise, but also sounded the alarm for the world. After all, the military strength of the US military is already so strong, but it is still constantly improving its own strength. Strong thinking theory, so countries in the same world should continue to surpass in order to have enough strength to cope with various situations.


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