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US missiles found in arsenal of militants north-east of Damascus

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áSyrian soldiers have discovered a large arsenal of radicals in the city of Dumeir. The depot contained US-made missiles, according to the Syrian agency Sana.

Missiles made in the United States, along with other weapons and ammunition abandoned by radicals were discovered by the Syrian army in Dumeir, northeast of Damascus, the Syrian agency Sana said.

“Units scouring Dumeir have seized a large batch of weapons, ammunition and materials belonging to Jaych al-Islam’s group in the al-Mahatta neighborhood in the south of the city,” the agency said.

The arsenal contained homemade rockets, a multiple Grad rocket launcher, numerous projectiles for rocket launchers, mortars, dozens of explosive devices, grenades, several American-made TOW missiles , mines, explosives, remote-controlled detonators and homemade rocket fire platforms.

The Syrian Army also discovered premises that had belonged to the radicals of Jaysh al-Islam, including explosive devices and rocket workshops, as well as basements that had served as a prison.

For Jaysh al-Islam, Dumeir was a supply and control center in the East Qalamoun region. Government troops restored control of the city after the evacuation of all members of the extremist group. On April 19, about 5,000 people, including members of the group and their family members, started leaving Dumeir.