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US Navy aircraft conducted reconnaissance near Syria

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Electronic reconnaissance aircraft long-range US Navy EP-3E Aries II on Tuesday committed many hours a reconnaissance flight near Syria, according to the Western aviation resources.

According to them, the aircraft with the tail number 157326, taking off from an airbase Souda Bay on the Greek island of Crete, the clock cruised to the south-west of Syria, being over the international waters of the Mediterranean.

On Monday, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said that the US is planning a provocation using chemical weapons for a new blow to Syria. “The United States of America is continuing to build up a group of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East region, connected with the preparation in the province of Idlib of another provocation of alleged” use of chemical weapons,” the military said.

According to him, on August 25, the destroyer of the US Navy, Ross, entered the Mediterranean with 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles, the range of which allows strikes throughout Syria. Earlier, an American destroyer Sullivans with 56 cruise missiles arrived in the Persian Gulf, and a strategic bomber B-1B of the US Air Force with 24 air-to-surface cruise missiles JASSM was relocated to the El-Udeid air base in Qatar.

“These preparations are a new confirmation of the intentions of the US to use the dramatization of the militants” Khayat Tahrir Ash-Sham “(Jabhat An-Nusra) with the active participation of British intelligence in the province of Idlib allegedly” using chemical weapons “by Syrian government forces”, said Konashenkov.

On Tuesday, Russia initiated urgent consultations in the UN Security Council on the possible provocation of the Himataka in Idlib.

Last Saturday, the press service of the Black Sea Fleet told that two frigates – “Admiral Grigorovich,” and “Admiral Essen” – will become part of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. Both ships are equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”, repeatedly attacked militants in Syria.