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US policy between North Korea and China

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIt is still too early to talk resolutely about US-China trade relations, but it seems that ZTE will be spared US sanctions, a decision that is indirectly linked to North Korea’s negotiations.

Earlier this month, Steve Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, and the accompanying delegation spoke of the US’s firm intention to balance their trade balance with China, liberalize the market and support the law. intellectual property.

China has been asked to abandon the rights it has been granted by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and wants to use to challenge the US policy of supporting their domestic industry.

After that, severe sanctions were imposed against the Chinese company ZTE. But while relations between the two countries were at their lowest, Donald Trump suddenly announced on Twitter that he was ready to work with the Chinese president to exempt ZTE from any sanctions.

“China and the United States have reached a” consensus “, said Saturday AFP without giving further details.

The United States and China have reached an agreement on reducing the trade deficit, according to a statement by the White House after the US-China talks on May 17-18. Similarly, another consensus has been reached to significantly increase energy and agricultural exports.

The two parties discussed the development of their trade in products and services. They also stressed the importance of preserving intellectual property rights and agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

To understand what happened to ZTE, one must first remember some facts: this company is one of the top ten manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and mobile phones in the world, with the sale of about 55 million handsets per year.

Another factor playing a leading role in this equation is the disarmament of North Korea. The Kim-Trump Summit is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. China supports an agreement under which North Korea must phase out its nuclear weapons, in return for which the international community will gradually decrease sanctions and strengthen its economic aid to Pyongyang.

Trump intends to make a dramatic diplomatic coup during his meeting with Kim Jong-un, and to achieve this he needs China’s unwavering support.

Of course, we can not yet say for sure, but it seems that the sanctions against ZTE will be lifted, and this decision is indirectly linked to the North Korean talks.