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US preparing to strike Syrian govt. targets: Russia

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY – BREAKING NEWS) – The Russian military said that the United States is building up a group of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, said on Monday.

According to the Russian military, the US plans to use provocation with the use of chemical weapons for a new attack on Syria.

“The United States of America is continuing to build up a group of carriers of cruise missiles in the Middle East region, connected with the preparation in the province of Idlib of another provocation of alleged” use of chemical weapons, “Konashenkov said.

According to him, on August 25, the destroyer of the US Navy, Ross, entered the Mediterranean with 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles, the range of which allows strikes throughout Syria.

August 26 Konashenkov said that in Syria in the south deeskalation area Idlib arrived English-language experts to stage a chemical attack against the civilian population.

“It is planned to inflict ammunition with poisonous substances in the next two days from rocket launchers in the settlement of Kafer-Zait, located 6 km south of Habit,” he said.

On Sunday Konashenkov said that rockets with chlorine are supposed to be used to stage a chemical attack.

On the eve of the Russian military said that the militants are preparing to use chemical weapons in Syria, and the US can use this as an excuse for a new attack on Syrian state facilities.

Former Chief of Staff of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, said on Monday, August 27, that the United States had established a group in the Middle East sufficient to strike at Syrian state targets.

“They now have more than 100 missile wings in the area, which are quite serious forces,” Kravchenko said.

“I still do not think that Trump, after meeting with the Russian president in Finland, will decide on the use of weapons against Syria,” Kravchenko said. According to him, taking into account this threat, Russia should supply Syria with the S-300 system for strengthening air defense.

“It is possible to send the S-300. Syria has an old air defense system, but we remember that it showed efficiency,” the admiral said.

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