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US suborbital manned flying starship conducted an ignition test, it suddenly exploded and collapsed

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — According to the latest report from the US media, on the night of April 3 local time in the United States, the US suborbital starship SN-3 suddenly exploded during the low-temperature strength test, and then collapsed and disintegrated. The current picture from the scene shows that the upper part of the starship has completely collapsed, and only the lower part has maintained its original shape.

Prior to this, the starship SN-3 progressed fairly smoothly, having successively passed the low temperature pressure and engine thrust tests. According to the original plan, this test was for the engine ignition test. The flight altitude was tentatively above 50 meters, but an explosion occurred during the test and the test failed.

As a key project of SpaceX, the starship project has always been placed high expectations. Founder Elon Musk has revealed that before the manned flight, the starship spacecraft will have at least more than 20 explosions. According to the current project progress, such an explosion may occur at least 16 times, but any aerospace project needs to spend a huge amount of money. If the failure continues, it does not rule out that the project will abort.

It seems that in order to stabilize people’s hearts, Musk quickly spoke out after the test failed, saying that the cause of the failure that caused the test failure has been found, and it is expected that the next test will start soon.

Compared with other aerospace projects, the starship project has great application prospects. After it is officially put into use, it will be a repetitive space transportation system that can perform the missions of manned landing on the moon and Mars. The cost is relatively low, and each flight The total cost is estimated to be only 2 million US dollars, which is indeed the price of cabbage for hundreds of millions of space flight.

However, since the starship project was put on the development agenda, its progress has not been as smooth and rapid as expected.

Some people believe that, instead of being obsessed with landing on Mars, it is better to complete a small target first and make an enlarged version of the Falcon to achieve the first-level recovery and second-level one-time goals. The project needs a pragmatic attitude, otherwise it may embark on the old path of the space shuttle developed by NASA in the United States.

Once upon a time, the space shuttle was a promising space project. In order to complete this project, the United States invested huge amounts of money and successfully carried out many manned space missions. However, it turns out that the space shuttle is not a mature project. Each launch not only costs huge amounts of money, but also does not have the imaginary safety. Many space accidents have occurred, which eventually led to the complete decommissioning of the space shuttle and the closure of the project.

If you want to go far in the aerospace field, you need to have pragmatic characteristics. Before the project starts, you should make sufficient technical reserves, rather than take a step by step. For example, in the construction of China’s Beidou navigation system, during the construction process, it was divided into three steps in advance. It seems that there are many more links. However, it turns out that such a design is more conducive to the smooth progress of the project and the efficient completion of aerospace construction tasks.


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