Video.. Exercises of Russian fifth-generation Su-57

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Russia’s Zvezda television channel posted a video of the fifth-generation Russian S-57 combat fighter on its Web site.

The television channel said the video was shot by a Russian drone. The S-57 combat aircraft not only carried out combat maneuvers but simulated the attack on ground targets of a virtual enemy. The video was filmed during the Aviva Dates 2018 (Aviation Art – 2018) competition held recently in the Russian armed forces.

Russian pilots Andre Shindrik and Igor Kruglikov of the Sukhoi Design Office led the plane during the combat exercise, the television channel said.

The S-57 fighter of the fifth generation made its first flight in 2010, and is supposed to end the tests in 2019, where the delivery of 12 fighters of this kind to the Russian space air force.

The aircraft is designed based on Steels’ stealth technology, equipped with a modern Russian-made engine and modern electronic radios.