Violent clashes break out in Haiti during a police protest


Police officers deployed in the streets of Haiti on Sunday in violent protests, in which they fired and tear gas near the presidential palace in the capital Port-au-Prince as anger escalated over their salaries and conditions, two witnesses said.

The police organized their protest on the first day of the carnival the country is witnessing, while the impoverished Caribbean country is facing difficulty due to a prolonged economic and political crisis.

The protesters said, “There is no money for the police, but there is enough money for the carnival.” This last straw was after a series of other challenges, including inadequate salaries and inadequate conditions.

Scenes on local television showed two cars being set on fire while local radio indicated that several people were injured and one person was killed. It was not immediately known who fired or tear gas during the protest that ran against the carnival celebrations.

A Reuters witness said that a platform set up by the Ministry of Defense which was being investigated by the army was also set on fire.

Some protesters wore police uniforms and took up a weapon, but they covered their faces as they headed from the upscale Delmas neighborhood towards Place de Mar, which is the main venue for the carnival.

President Juvenile Moise Haiti has ruled by decrees since January, after the mandate of deputies to the House of Representatives and most of the Senate members has been formally ended without electing deputies He renewed in October after the country was unable to hold elections.

This political situation resulted in Haiti being denied some international funding. This made the country more difficult to deal with the worsening economic crisis, including food shortages.

One in three Haitians, or about 3.7 million people, needs urgent food assistance, up from 2.6 million at the end of 2018. Haiti is ranked 111 out of 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index near sub-Saharan Africa.


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