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War against Syria: a new stage?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIsrael’s entry into direct confrontation with the Syrian army marks the beginning of a new phase of aggression against Syria. This would be a reaction to the failure of Israel’s support for terrorist groups, a Syrian diplomat said.

An official source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry has attacked Israel, which, in reaction to the failure of its support for terrorist groups in Syria, launched attacks on missile against military targets in Syria.

He also pointed out that most of these missiles had been shot down by the Syrian army’s anti-aircraft defense.

“The entry of the Israeli regime and its supporters in a direct confrontation gives the clue to the beginning of a new phase in the aggression against Syria,” said the same source.

She said Israel’s aggressive behavior is not going to revive the failed conspiracy project in Syria, but it is fueling tension in the region and threatening international peace and security.