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War in the eyes of the children of Syria

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY via BBC NEWS) –┬áMohammed Khaled Hamza, a doctor and official at the Syrian American Medical Association, and his team collected the drawings of some children from Syria who lived in the midst of the war in their country.

Other humanitarian organizations have been involved in the work to get this group drawn by children of different ages, 14 years of age.

Words written on the tears that flow from the eye say “beautiful Syria”.

The phrases on the picture include “Lion Flight”, “Red Cross Ambulance”, “Khan Sheikhan Children”, “The Blood of Children”. UN reports suggested that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attack on Khan Shikhun, which was under the control of the Syrian armed opposition in April 2017, which killed dozens, including children.

The picture is ironic with the Syrian army, quoting statements by government forces, such as its basic slogan: “This is the army of resistance, homeland, honor, sincerity,” which is the text that surpasses soldiers who shoot from automatic weapons. The shells and shells of these soldiers hit another soldier. The graphic depicts the attack on the Syrian city of Al-Rastan, under whose name the phrase “Here is Israel” was written.

Picture of a person who kills a child painted by a Syrian child. Mohammed Khaled Hamza, a doctor and official at the Syrian American Medical Association, said the children of Syria had lost hope altogether.

The picture of one of the children who tasted the horrors of the conflict of more than seven years shows people in a boat in the middle of the water and others in the water. About half of the Syrians were displaced by the war, with some 5.65 million Syrians fleeing abroad. Despite the gravity of the Mediterranean crossings into Europe, hundreds of thousands of Syrians themselves have been in the risk of unmanned sea containers occupied by human traffickers seeking asylum in European countries.

This picture bears a single word “patriotic” along with some red hearts that symbolize love. The picture shows a group of cages inside each of them, a sad person and a large iron gate closed. Statistics show that around 118,000 Syrians have been detained and disappeared since 2011, most of them detained by the Syrian government, according to the Syrian Human Rights Network, a watchdog group in Syria.

The picture is topped by a line of words that says, “The sisters are Safa, Zahra, and Usama and Wahd.” And bottom drawing from left to right “Abi 2010, Abi 2011, Abi 2014.

“This picture was painted for me and my sister and we cry after our father left us two years ago and we do not know anything about him,” said Misra, who painted this picture at the age of 14. “This is my most sad memory.”

A picture of a child in the Hour Tower Square in the city of Homs, the third largest city in Syria known as the “capital of the revolution” against President Bashar al-Assad. The city has suffered a great deal of destruction due to fighting between government forces and the armed opposition. The picture shows the field in two cases before and after the war.

The picture is an attempt to reflect what is happening in Syria from one of the children shows a person in his blood and another walking towards him and a house painted on its walls Syria flag overlooking the body is also listed in the blood and the top of the picture to the right and drew a sad girl without the child under the words ” As if she were the speaker.