“We are waiting for Mars”: Trump boasted a new level of the US space program

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†US President Donald Trump said that the United States has raised its space program to a new level. He stated this at a rally in Michigan, a video from which the Washington Post broadcast on YouTube.

“We revived our space program, raising it to a level that everyone thought was unattainable in such a short time. NASA returned. And Mars is waiting for us,” said Donald Trump.

He stressed that space research is important not only from a scientific, but also from a military point of view. Recall that under the former president Barack Obama in 2011, the US froze the program “Constellation” (Constellation). The project involved a flight to the moon and the creation of a base on the Earth’s satellite, as well as promising developments for flying to Mars.

It is known that the priority of the American space industry was the manned flight of astronauts to the Red Flight. Its implementation was scheduled for the 2030s. In December 2017, Donald Trump ordered the resumption of the project “Constellation”.