What happens if you drink water on an empty stomach in the morning

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — We often hear that our body needs enough fluid in the morning. But what happens to the body when you drink water on an empty stomach, barely getting out of bed? First of all, the impact will be positive.

1. The body is cleansed

At night, our body rests and gets rid of toxins. If you drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, you will help the body literally wash out harmful substances. In addition, heavy drinking contributes to the production of muscle cells and new blood cells.

2. Metabolism is accelerated

If you drink water on an empty stomach, then the metabolic rate will accelerate by 24%. A faster metabolism, in turn, means improved digestion, and this is important, for example, for weight loss. To do this, it is advisable to drink warm water.

3. It becomes easier to deal with heartburn and indigestion

Digestive disorders occur due to increased acidity in the stomach. When acid enters the esophagus, an unpleasant aftertaste appears in the mouth. If in the morning immediately after rising on an empty stomach to drink water, then the acid concentration will decrease, and there will be no heartburn. In addition, the stomach will thereby prepare for breakfast.

4. The quality of the skin will improve, a natural glow will appear

Due to a lack of fluid, wrinkles and enlarged pores appear ahead of time. Research results confirm that 500 ml of water on an empty stomach significantly stimulate blood circulation – the skin will be grateful to you for this.

5. Shiny healthy hair

A lack of fluid can have serious consequences for hair growth. Water moisturizes hair and up to a quarter of its volume. If a person consumes little fluid, the hair becomes thin and brittle. Drinking a lot during the day is in any case very important, but fasting water has a particularly strong effect on the condition of the hair.

6. The risk of kidney stones and cystitis is reduced.

Drinking water immediately after lifting is also important because it reduces the risk of kidney stones and inflammation of the bladder. A sufficient amount of fluid reduces the concentration of stomach acid and leaches toxic substances from the body, which can cause kidney stones and cystitis.

7. The immune system is strengthened

Drinking water on an empty stomach is useful for the proper balance of the lymphatic system, so that a person becomes more resistant to pathogens of various diseases.


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