What part of the chicken is not just undesirable, but deadly to eat

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Chicken meat is considered a dietary and healthy product, as it has a lot of protein and very little fat. But in the chicken there is a part that in no case should be consumed by people who want to lose weight and those who care about their health.

This part is the peel, even if it is so delicious and crispy.

It turns out that it is the skin of the bird that absorbs dirt, bacteria and toxins. Some microorganisms do not die even after heat treatment – neither frying, nor cooking, nor baking help.

When buying chicken in a store, a person does not know the conditions under which they were raised.

This applies to poultry grown under industrial conditions, and the one that ran in the courtyard of the farmer. It will not work to wash the chicken carcass, even with a very thorough washing of the bacteria, they will still remain on it.

Therefore, it is better to remove this part from a fresh carcass and cook only white meat.


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